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Expert Tricks for Applying False Eye Lashes

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

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When it comes to makeup for your most important events whether it's a day you spend with your loved ones or a day at your job which involves looking your best or festive occasions, no make up look is at its best without getting your eyes glammed up. So you want your eyes to look bigger, intense, youthful & beautiful.

What better way than to apply false eye lashes to give these qualities to your eyes. So, It’s no big secret that your favourite look of celebrities like Aishwarya Rai in the movies with her beautiful eyes or the best makeup looks from experts on media more often than not compliment their makeup with a usage of False Eye Lashes.

When you apply false eye lashes to your natural lashes, not only they blend very easily with your natural lashes but they also give volume and length. When applied in a right way these completely change your eyes to look more beautiful, well defined & youthful. So let the experts at first foundation pro help you learn the expert tricks and tips to do the best false eye lashes you always wanted.

Eye lashes

Step by Step Process of Application:

Make sure you read expert tricks for each step before you start applying them.

Prepare Your Natural Eye Lashes : Before you apply false lashes to your natural eye lashes, they need to be prepared. You start by using an eye lash primer if you have or you can just straight away use eye lash curler to curl them. Then apply mascara using comb brush with an upward curl motion.

Applying False lashes with lash curler

Expert Tricks

Hold your eyelash curler for 30 seconds to keep that nice curl. Well curled eyelashes act as a good base for placing the false eye lashes.

once you curl, apply mascara to your natural lash only. We recommend not to use mascara on false lashes as it tends to lose natural look. As there is less or no product used on false lashes they are in better condition if you are planning to reuse them.

Reusability Tip : As eyes are sensitive we do not recommend prolonged/ too much repeated use of contaminated products. For few reuses of false eyelashes, once you want to remove, base strip only needs to be dipped in warm water to wash off glue residue and its ready for use again. Washing the entire lashes with too hot water can damage them and cannot be reused.

Remove the False lashes from the box: Always be careful while removing the lashes, if not handled properly you break some lashes in the corner. Peel the outer corner little bit with a nail and use the base of lashes as a grip to pull it off in a single action.

Expert tricks

If you do not want to use your fingers to pull off. You can hold the base of eye lashes on outer corner as a grip using tweezer and remove it.

how to pick up eye lashes from box

Measure the False Eye Lashes: Before applying glue to attach them, we should always measure the false eyelashes by placing them on your natural lash line, you will be easily able to identify how many lashes are extra than your natural line and you want to remove them to fit your natural line. You can cut these extra lashes off using a scissors in your kit.

Expert tricks

Always cut the extra lashes from outer corner and do not cut them from inner corner. Always start by cutting minimum and repeat the measurement before cutting further based on need, if you cut too much you cannot stick them back.

Cutting Eyelashes to adjust size

Apply Eyelash Glue: Apply glue only to the base strip of your lashes. Use minimum product needed so that you don’t have excess product which might enter eye and cause irritation. Wait for at least 30 - 45 seconds for glue to be semi dry.

Expert tricks

Use black color glue if you can get to blend naturally. Use minimum glue needed, also apply slightly more on corner than in the middle as they are the first to peel off if you do not have enough glue on them.

If some glue goes into your eyes by mistake and causes too much irritation & watering, remove false lash and let your eyes breath for a minute or two till you feel comfortable. You can repeat the process carefully again.

Eyelash Glue Application Method

Putting on the False Lashes: Try placing the false lashes starting with one eye from a comfortable position looking into the mirror. Close the eye on which the lash has to be applied and place it carefully on the lash line exactly by looking at it with other open eye. Start pressing in the middle gently and also on the corners, hold the corners for slightly longer. Repeat for other eye.

Expert tricks

Stick false eye lashes exactly to the lash line, not to the skin. This is to blend well with natural eye lashes and not appear as patch work.

Do not try to apply eyelashes holding head in upward direction in an uncomfortable position it makes it difficult to see and apply properly. We recommend either use one eye closed natural line of sight OR slightly looking downwards.

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