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About Us

We are one of the best rated academies in google reviews throughout India. ISO Certified for Quality Management.

Through the provision of our in-house state of the art facilities & trainers in Hyderabad we aim to encourage creativity and innovation. We strive to ensure that our graduates are empowered to be the best in the world of fashion and media. 

Academy is established in 2017 and has trained more than 300+ professionals already. 

Vision :

"Sharing the knowledge of artistry with a combination of passion & innovation through modern techniques."



We aim to train people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures to reveal their artistic sensitivity and acquire the relevant techniques. Academy delivers a unique teaching methodology made of demonstrations, theory, supervised experimentations and creative challenges, lighting and professional photographers.

Academy sees its primary role as training fresh talent and teaching people the creative precision this line of work demands. Our senior teachers train motivated students over and over again until they excel the core application techniques. Our trainers have always been passionate about teaching the art of makeup. It is the perfect place for makeup addicts and beginners to come to learn or refine their makeup techniques and give full reign to their creativity.



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