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Brushing Off Gender Barriers: Women Makeup Artists Paving the Path in India's Cinema Industry

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

In India's exciting and interesting film business, a quiet but powerful change is happening: more women are becoming makeup artists. Behind all the glitz and glamour of the big screen is a story of battle, determination, and different points of view. This piece looks at the emotional backstory, the different stories, and the bright future that women makeup artists are creating as they go against the grain and make their mark.

Behind every great journey is an emotional story that pushes people to get past problems and push the limits. The story of women who work as makeup artists in the Indian film business is the same. These women set out to break the rules because they loved art and wanted to add to the magic of stories.

YourStory tells the amazing story of the first woman to work as a makeup artist in Malayalam movies. Her strong will and drive made it possible for others to do the same, showing that being an artist has nothing to do with being a man or a woman. Mitta Antony, a make-up artist, She became the first woman makeup artist in Kerala to be publicly recognized when she joined the Film Employees Federation of Kerala Makeup Union (FEFKA) in 2022.

As the business changes, there are bound to be disagreements and different points of view. Arguments like the one Sonam Kapoor made on News18 make it clear that custom and progress are at odds with each other. She talks about how the Cine Costume, Makeup Artists and Hair Dressers Association (CCMAA) is worried that men will lose their jobs if women can become makeup artists.

On the one hand, it's important to keep the jobs of existing male makeup artists. On the other hand, there's a fight for equal chances and a place where creativity isn't limited by gender. The business is at a crossroads. It is torn between sticking to old rules and moving toward a more open future.

The Final Verdict: A Glimpse into Judge Dipak's Wisdom

In the midst of this conflict, it's worth invoking the wisdom of Judge Dipak Misra, who once remarked, "True empowerment lies in enabling every individual to pursue their dreams and aspirations." His words resonate with the essence of this battle, emphasizing the importance of equal access to opportunities, irrespective of gender.

In telling the association to remove the gender clause, Judge Dipak Misra said: "We are in 2014, not in 1935. Such things cannot continue even for a day."

The current state of the Indian film business shows a complicated picture. Even though there are still problems to solve, it's encouraging to see how women beauty artists and their important work are becoming more accepted. The stories of perseverance and enthusiasm that are shared on platforms like YourStory show that there is a chance for change, for a future where art can grow without being limited by gender.

A positive guess about the future shows a movie business that lives on diversity and being open to everyone. As gender stereotypes fall apart, imagination will have no limits, and telling stories will reach new heights. The change from fighting to working together will make women makeup artists important parts of India's film industry. They will paint stories that educate, move, and make people think.

In the end, the story of women who work as makeup artists in India's film business is one of persistence, conflict, and change. As they break down gender barriers, their artistic skill shines a light on a road toward a more inclusive and creatively vibrant cinematic landscape, one in which shared stories and collaborative projects bring together tradition and progress.



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