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Duration : 7 Weeks ( Flexible )

Covers Business Skill : Yes

Dedicated One on One Trainer : Yes

Post Course Job Support : Yes

High Quality Portfolios : Yes

Beginner Friendly : Yes

  • South Indian Bride

  • North Indian Bride

  • Muslim Look

  • Marwadi Look

  • Gujarati Look

  • Keralite Look

  • French Braid with Jada

  • Front Puff with Messy Bun

  • Side Front Puff with Curls

  • Curls with Messy Braid

  • Twisted Front Variation with Floral Bun

  • Flat Look (Front) with Lace Jada Braid

  • Fundamentals and Theory Covered in Masters Course


What are the career prospects after completing a makeup course from your academy?

Graduates from our makeup academy in Hyderabad, Bengaluru have great career
opportunities, including working as professional makeup artists, freelancers, or
even starting their own makeup studios, movie projects.

Does the academy provide any placement assistance or internship opportunities?

Yes, we offer placement assistance and internship opportunities at our
makeup training institute to our students to gain real-world experience and
kick-start their careers.

How qualified are the makeup instructors at your academy?

At our beauty academy, makeup instructors are highly qualified and
experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in the industry. Sathya Sree
our course director has more than 12 years of experience in glamour industry
and is one of the country’s elite bridal artist, consultant for good brands and
celebrity artist.

Which course is best for makeup artists?

The best course for a makeup artist would be one that offers a comprehensive
makeup training institute for makeup techniques, product knowledge, and
industry trends. Look for courses from reputable beauty academies with hands-
on practical sessions.

What sets your makeup academy apart from others in Hyderabad, Bengaluru?

We are the only academy in India with a reputed online platform that provides
work to our graduates. Also, we are the only academy equipped with online
portal for student’s online learning.
We take pride in our top rated and testimonials backed program providing
hands-on makeup training, using the latest makeup techniques, products, and
offering personalized attention to our students.

What is covered under Bridal Makeup?

Bridal makeup typically includes professional makeup applications for brides
on their wedding day. It covers foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow,
eyeliner, mascara, lip color, and contouring to enhance facial features and create
a radiant look. Our artists are trained in hospitality to take care of clients,
understand their requirements, and are capable of delivering personalized
makeup looks.

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