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Beauty shot of a model with HD makeup, highlighting the smooth and flawless finish.

Masters Program

 Complete Professional Certification Course

A Complete Course Covering Basic & Advanced Topics of Makeup and Hair.

Duration : 10 Weeks ( Flexible )

Covers Business Skill : Yes

Covers Social Media Skill : Yes

Dedicated One on One Trainer : Yes

Post Course Job Support : Yes

High Quality Portfolios : Yes

Beginner Friendly : Yes

Complete List of Topics included in the below section.

Complete Course List

Basic Grooming, Hygiene & Skin Preperation

  • Theory - History of Makeup & Color Theory

  • Cool /Neutral /Warm Undertones.

  • How to pick up the best colors for the entire makeup look

  • Theory - Daily Hygiene routine /, Skin Preperation before makeup/ skin preparation before bed time)

  • How to identify the skin type/ Skin texure.

  • How to pick Makeup Look Based on skin texture

  • How do u identify Velvet skin/Porous skin/Combination skin/Normal Skin/Oily skin/ Dry skin/Thirsty skin/Textured skin/ Crocodile skin.

  • Types of Primers & Moisturizers - When to Use each of the product.

  • Skin Care - Complete Routine and Products

Color Correctors , Foundations & Concealers

  • How to pick up the foundation - based on the skin texture / skin type.

  • Foundation/color correctors/concealers - Why we do it & How we do it ?

  • Skin Preparation - top three techniques for long lasting makeup.

  • Learn Stripe Test

  • What is skin tone match ?

  • What is concealer highlighting ?

  • How and where to highlight ?

  • How do u match the body color ?

  • 1) Three levels of foundation mixing for warm/cool/neutral undertone mixing &

  • 2) Foundation Shades for the undertones ..

  • Select the foundation types for different skins -

  • liquid foundations,

  • cream based foundations ,

  • dry foundations ,

  • gel based foundations ,

  • oil based foundations ,

  • Making good foundation choices for client

  • Stripe Test - Step by Step demo of How to do it.

  • Color Corrector - Working with warm /cool/neutral undertones.

  • Professional Techniques - dabbing,slappping ang bouncing

  • Foundation/Concealer highlighting - How and when to use it

  • Color Correctors - Practice sessions & Technique Explination

  • Foundation - Practice Sessions & Technique Explination

  • Foundation/Concealer highlighting - Practice Sessions


  • Powders: Types of powders,

  • Importance of powdering,

  • Powder vs Skin Type Application Technique - When it is mandatory and when its not

  • Practice sessions - On Topice Above

Gradation and Baking

  • Gradation Technique:

  • Covering Tattoo with Makeup

  • Brighten or Darken Skin Tone to extended range

  • Practice session - Foundation/color corrector/concealer/powder/gradation

  • Baking/Importance of baking/practice

  • Practice Sessions - On Topics Above

Eyebrows & Eye Makeup

  • Different types of lashes.

  • False Lashes - Practice Sessions

  • Face shapes V/S Eyebrow Shapes

  • Eyebrows :
    how to use and when to use brow cake ,
    brow wax,
    brow pomade ,
    brow powders,
    eye brow pencils ,
    how to use stencils .
    how do u pick up the eye brow color for any one and everyone universally/ and
    Size of Face vs Size of Eyebrow.
    How to use tinted gels and
    When to use transparent gels and mascara.

  • know and practice 20 variations of eye brows

  • know and practice 20 variations of eye liner and how to create more

  • Types of eyes and its eye makeup Theory and Techniques

  • Eye makeup - Eyeliners practicing 200 variations of eye makeup

  • False Lashes - Theory/Demo / Dos and Donts of lashes


  • Different types of Face Shapes - Theory /technique to identify the face shape - Handling

  • What is blush ,

  • How to choose the blush colour,

  • When to choose matte or sheene blush,

  • Where to apply blush as per the face shape.


  • What is contour
    How to pick up the contour shade for every individual and
    Where do we contour for every individual

  • What is sculpting/
    When to pickup sculpting and
    For do we sculpt./
    Importance of sculpting

  • Define highlighting /importance of highlighting
    /do's and dont's of highlighting


  • Lips - Theory

  • Different types of lip shapes

  • Lip Liners

  • Skin Tone V/s Color Choice

  • Techniques to enhance,define and make it more glamorous

  • Lips - Practice Sessions

Customer Management 

  • Value Exchange, Organising Your Work & Discipline

  • Understanding Requirements

  • Value Based Pricing

  • Sales Script - Mind Set, Calling, Handling Objections, Follow Ups.

  • Laying Terms of Work - Higher Budget Projects - Invoicing & Mutually Respectable Terms

  • Case Study - Common Real Time Issues and Solutions to better handle

Portfolio Management

  • Social Media - Handling Instagram/Facebook

  • Initial Brand Material Requirements - Tips for building your Makeup Artistry Brand

  • Generating Leads and Networking

  • Productivity Tools - Free Web Tools to Organize, Schedule and Manage WOrk

  • Free AI Web tools for Content

Makeup Looks

  • Color Corrector/SkinTone/Highlighting (+MIXING . /TOP OF IT)

  • Color Corrector+SkinTone/Highlighting - Day 2

  • SkinTone/Concealer/Highlighting

  • Highlighting+Color corrector / concealer highlighing

  • LIQUID:skintone+illuminator/color corrector /highlighting +illuminator - Day 1

  • LIQUID:Skintone/illuminator/color corrector/ highlighting/illuminator - Day 2

  • POWDERS:Skintone/illuminator/color corrector/ highlighting/illuminator - Day 1

  • POWDERS:Skintone/illuminator/color corrector/ highlighting/illuminator - Day 2

  • Makeup Looks -Different makeup looks - Theory on all the looks

  • Mastery makeup looks - natural look

  • Mastery makeup looks- invisible look

  • Mastery makeup looks - tan look

  • Mastery makeup looks - bronze look

  • Mastery makeup looks - fresh look

  • Mastery makeup looks - stressed look

  • Mastery makeup looks- nude look

  • Mastery makeup looks- no makeup look

  • Mastery makeup looks- hi-shine look

  • Mastery makeup looks- glossy look

  • Mastery makeup looks- oily look

  • Mastery makeup looks- 2D makeup look

  • Mastery makeup looks- 3D makeup look

  • Mastery makeup looks- smokey eyes variations look

  • Mastery makeup looks- 2 dimension eyemakeup

  • Mastery makeup looks- 3 dimension look

  • Mastery makeup looks- indowestern look

  • Mastery makeup looks- periodic look

  • Mastery makeup looks- vintage look

  • Mastery makeup looks- illuminating look

  • Mastery makeup looks- muslim bridal look

  • Mastery makeup looks- arabic bridal look

  • Mastery makeup looks- pakistani look

  • Mastery makeup looks- top 4 international looks

  • Mastery makeup looks- gradiation look

  • Mastery makeup looks- pancake look

  • Mastery makeup looks- quick look

  • Mastery makeup looks- personal look

  • Mastery makeup looks- HD look

  • Mastery makeup looks- french look

  • Mastery makeup looks- waterproof look

  • Mastery makeup looks- dewy look

  • Mastery makeup looks- mineral look

  • Mastery makeup looks- metallic look

  • Mastery makeup looks- air brush look

  • Mastery makeup looks- men's makeup look

  • Mastery makeup looks- tattoo covering look

  • Mastery makeup looks- hi fashion look

  • Advanced Makeup Looks - High Fashion - Theory/practice

  • Advanced Makeup Looks - High Fashion -practice different looks - Day 1

  • Advanced Makeup Looks - High Fashion -practice different looks - Day 2

  • Advanced Makeup Looks - High Fashion -practice different looks - Day 3

  • Advanced Makeup Looks - AIrbrush

  • Advanced Makeup Looks - Men's Makeup

  • Bridal Photoshoot

  • Red Carpet Photoshoot

  • High Fashion Photoshoot

  • Graduation/Feedback

Hairstyling - Braid

  • Fishtail Braid

  • Dutch Braid

  • Reverse Braid

  • Waterfall Braid

  • 4 Strands Braid

  • 5 Strands Braid

  • 7 Strands Braid

  • Basket Braid

  • Infinity Braid

  • Bow Braid

  • Bubble Braid

  • 3 Strand Infinity Braid

  • Messy Braid

  • Lace Braid

  • Mermaid Braid

  • Peacock Braid

Hairstyling - Ponytail

  • Prom Ponytail

Hairstyling - Curls

  • Half Open Curls

  • Front Puff with Curls

  • 4D Daffodil Flower with Curls

  • 4D Daisy Flower with Curls

  • 4D Daisy with Curls

Hairstyling - Upstyle

  • Crown Dutch Upstyle

  • Double Dutch Upstyle

Hairstyling - Bun

  • Rose Bun

  • Donut Bun

  • Bow Bun

  • French Twist Bun

  • High Messy Bun

  • Corn Row Braided Bun

  • Dutch Braided Bun

  • Messy Bun

  • Tulip Flower Bun

  • 4D Puff with Twisted Bun

  • Prom Messy Bun

  • Hat Bun

  • 4D Daffodil Flower with Bun

  • 4D Roped French Bun


What courses does your makeup academy in Hyderabad and Bengaluru offer?

Our professional makeup academy in Hyderabad, Bengaluru offers a wide range of
courses, including basic makeup techniques, bridal makeup & hair artistry,
Masters program in makeup & Hair Artistry, Personal Grooming Courses and

Are the makeup courses suitable for beginners with no prior experience?

Yes, our makeup courses are designed to cater to both beginners and
experienced individuals looking to enhance their skills. Syllabus is designed to
build skills in an organized manner.

I’m an experienced professional, is this course for me?

Yes, this course caters to experienced professionals seeking to further
enhance their skills and knowledge in their respective professional makeup
field, providing valuable insights into highly paid techniques in bridal, celebrity
styling secrets, improving the look completion speed, marketing skills and much

Do we get to practice during the course?

Yes, the makeup course in Hyderabad, Bengaluru includes practical exercises to
enhance your skills. Hands-on practice is an integral part of learning and
ensuring you can apply the knowledge effectively. Practice sessions including
target techniques.

Is being a makeup artist a good career choice?

Makeup course can be a fantastic career choice for those passionate about
artistry, creativity, and beauty. It offers diverse opportunities in the fashion,
entertainment, and beauty industries. However, success requires dedication,
continuous learning, and networking.

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